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Marie Osmond’s Son Dies

We don’t normally cover news like this. This is something that is very sad and we felt the need to post it. SINGER Marie Osmond’s teenage son has leapt to his death from his Los Angeles apartment block after a lengthy battle with depression. We hear that Michael Blosil, 18, left behind a suicide note for […]

iPhone Remote Control

Check out the “Universal Remote Case”, designed specifically for the Apple iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G. The lightweight protective case features an integrated infrared (IR) transmitter. When paired with a POWER A free app available from the App Store, the case will enable you to use your iPhone as a universal remote. Pretty cool […]

iPhone Projector

Project your iPhone videos onto a wall!  Amazing!! Introducing the MiLi iPhone Projector. It also works with the iPod. This projector will throw a much larger image onto almost any surface. Buy one now if you like for £229.

Palm webOS 1.4

The ability to capture, edit, and share video: Not only can you easily shoot video footage from the Palm webOS phone, but you can also make quick edits and upload your footage to YouTube or Facebook (or send them via email or MMS) with just a couple of taps. See the video capabilities below.

Cool New Fryer

How about considering the One Tablespoon Deep Fryer? It makes up to 2 lbs. of crisp, delightful fried food using just one tablespoon of oil – cool huh? Hammacher is offering the One Tablespoon Deep Fryer for $299.95.

Cool Photo

This is just a very cool photo from Japan.

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