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iPad out on Saturday

iPad arrives on Saturday and developers are spending a lot of time on getting their apps ready. According to one developer, Social Gaming Network, who was speaking to the Wall Street Journal, 90% of its developer team was occupied with the business of putting together apps for the iPad.

Olympic Tower 2010

Over 375 feet high, which is 72 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty Anish Kappor’s Arcelor MittalOrbit has been chosen as the monument to mark the London Olympics in 2012. Work is due to start on the steel sculpture in the next few weeks. The cost of the 1,400 ton steel structure has been put at around […]

Knight & Day Trailer

HTML 5 News

This is a powerful move for Steve Jobs in his battle over Flash on the iPhone and iPad: Brightcove, the online video provider, just announced it’s tweaked its system to allow HTML5 video to replace Flash. Brightcove’s Experience for HTML5 is the specific bit of code we’re talking about, and Brightcove’s just made it available to […]

iPad Baby 2

Check out Apple’s site for some guided tours on the iPad.

The Verizon iPhone

I could be switching from AT&T to Verizon the day this happens. This is still unconfirmed, although this is the first time a major publication has published new information pertaining to the rumor of a Verizon iPhone. The Wall Street Journal reports that for its next iPhone, Apple is actually splitting production into two separate […]

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