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Gmail Get Smart

Gmail Priority Inbox Sorts Your Email For You. And it seems to be a winner. The beauty of the system lies in its simplicity — it’s nearly as easy as Gmail’s one click spam filter. There’s almost no setup: once it’s activated on your account, you’ll see a prompt asking you if you want to […]

iPhone Credit Card Processing

Intuit and mophie have announced their Complete Credit Card Solution for iPhone, which integrates Intuit’s GoPayment credit card processing app and mophie marketplace credit card reader add-on to the iPhone hardware. Available in Apple retail stores, it is sold for $179.95 and the Intuit’s GoPayment credit card processing app is available free on Apple App […]

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Catchy Tune of The Week: Kanye West, Justin Bieber And Raekwon

Not really digging the chorus, but the beat and rhymes certainly flow. You can’t go wrong with the WuTang flow.

Introducing DERAJ

Introducing our brother Jared Wells aka Deraj. He was interviewed a few weeks ago before a show in Deltona, FL. Here he is speaking candidly about his up-bringing, ministry, music and influences. Interview by Asia Horne.

4G Mobile Broadband is Here

Clearwire’s releasing a new 4G mobile broadband service that’s the first Pay-As-You-Go one in the U.S. It’s also aimed squarely at the moneyed-youth market. Or “tech-savvy Gen-Y customers,” as Clearwire puts it. The Rover system is based on two key products: A $100 typical USB mobile broadband adaptor youthfully dubbed the Stick, and the $150 […]

Bluetrek iPhone Headset

Looking for a Bluetooth headset for your iPhone? You can now do so with the Bluetrek Metal evolution Bluetooth headset, where it was specially designed and tuned for the iPhone 4 and 3GS models. This particular model comes in a stylish brushed metallic finish on a reinforced aluminum casing which will complement the iPhone 4. You […]

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