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This is scary. Watch the whole video, although you can jump to 1:10 in the promo if you wish. This is a creepy remake from producer Guillermo del Toro and is called Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark.

Court Shuts Down LimeWire

LimeWire, the popular decade-old peer-to-peer network, was shut down yesterday after losing its legal battle against the RIAA, Wired reports. A federal judge found that 93 percent of the traffic on Limewire, which drew 50 million users a month, involved the transfer of unauthorized copyright material. Under the judge’s orders, LimeWire ceased all “searching, downloading, […]

Taylor Swift Plays Acoustic Set at Airport

“I’m very happy to be bringing some music to the airport tonight. What do you all think about it?” Taylor Swift asked an estimated 1,500 fans at John F. Kennedy International Airport last night. Whatever it was the crowd thought of the venue — JetBlue’s chaotic terminal 5, with its food court and gift shops […]

Oakley Enter The 3D Scene

Why is the iconic Oakley brand getting into the 3-D glasses business? Think of the 3-D glasses you’ve seen passed out in movie theaters and advertised for use with 3-D TV’s. The movie theater glasses are flimsy and disposable; the liquid crystal shutter glasses (aka “active shutter glasses”) sold by electronics makers are clunky and […]

The Fridge Lady

In Namibia, Miss Emily Cummins is known as “The Fridge Lady”. This is because she invented a solar-powered refrigerator that is can help many poverty-stricken Africans. The solar-powered refrigerator works with two cylinders, one inside the other. The inner cylinder is metal while the outer one is wood or plastic. In between these two cylinders […]

Netgear Partners with Roku

Netgear announced plans for its own streaming box: the $90 Netgear Roku Player. The Netgear Roku Player promises a 1080p image (depending on the content), via built-in Wireless-N and Ethernet. The box also has HDMI, composite video and stereo output options for connecting to any TV. Netgear’s box boasts access to over 100,000 movies, TV […]

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