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AAYUSH PHUMBHRA Cofounder and SVP, Chegg Santa Clara, California Phumbhra, 32, is reforming the dysfunctional world of college textbooks by renting them to students nationwide. “Students get sticker shock when they buy textbooks — required readings can add up to $1,000 each semester. If a book costs $100, students might be able to pay $75 […]

Oprah Hits With New Network on Saturday

She has been the queen of daytime TV talk for 25 years. She has conquered magazines. Her book club has breathed new life into publishing. And she’s one of the richest women in America. So what’s left for Oprah Winfrey? Well, she is fulfilling a longtime dream of creating her own cable network, the first […]

The Cool Way They Made Rango

This is a very cool way of making an animated movie.

The Fighter

Thousands of moviegoers filled theaters across the country last weekend to see Mark Wahlberg’s stirring portrayal of Micky Ward in “The Fighter.” The film about the hard-scrabble Boston-area boxer raked in more than $12 million its first full weekend, has been nominated for six Golden Globes and figures to be an Oscar darling when nominations […]

Rock Group Paramore Split

The Paramore split became bitter on Tuesday night when co-founders and brothers Josh and Zac Farrofired off a fiery blog post that explicitly contradicts the statement issued by the band over the weekend, which read in part: “We want Josh and Zac to do something that makes them happy and if that isn’t here with us, then we […]

Qvivo Set to Launch

Back in August, top executives from Disney and Electronic Arts left to start Qvivo, a media center app that manages your videos and music all in one place, streams files over the cloud on any number devices (TVs, smartphones, tablets), and integrates with all your social media. After months of development, Qvivo has blossomed into […]

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