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Eddie Murphy Beats Comedian’s Defamation Lawsuit

The loser in the case is Brando Murphy, who once appeared with Richard Pryor’s son on the “Sons of Comedy” tour. Eddie Murphy has prevailed in a strange $50 million defamation lawsuit brought by a comedian named Brando Murphy. Before the lawsuit began, the younger, less famous Murphy seemed to insinuate that he was the […]

Asher Bradshaw – 10 Year Old Skateboarder

Asher Bradshaw at Venice Beach skating like a pro. The above footage is from when he was just 9 years old. Below is a short video at Woodward West, CA where he recently became the youngest skateboarder to land a 900.

Watch Millionaire’s $24m Super Yacht Go Up in Flames

The moment a multi-million-dollar yacht was destroyed in a huge blaze was captured on video by a drone, in graphic footage. Kurt Roll sent his drone up in the air to film the inferno after seeing smoke in the distance from the Chula Vista Marina, CA. What he captured was the millionaire’s plaything named Polar […]

Introducing the Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon announced a device that tries to fulfill the retailer’s dream of being integrated into consumers’ lives at every possible waking moment — whether they are deciding where to eat, realizing they need more toilet paper or intrigued by a snatch of overheard music. The device is a cellphone, but making calls on it got […]

Michael Schumacher Update

Michael Schumacher is likely to remain an invalid for the rest of his life claims leading Swiss neurologist. A leading Swiss neurologist has dismissed speculation that Michael Schumacher will fully recover from the brain injuries he suffered during his skiing accident and claimed that the Formula One champion is likely to remain an invalid for […]

Who Wants an Apple Watch?

Apple is preparing to sell its first wearable device this October, aiming to produce 3 million to 5 million smartwatches a month in its initial run. So who wants an Apple watch? To be honest, not us. Putting a iPhone or iPod in your pocket and keeping that to yourself is one thing. Sporting an […]

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