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Floyd Just Got Killed by Conor McGregor


Episode 2 of the behind-the-scenes series, UFC President Dana White arrives at Staples Center for the massive kickoff presser of a worldwide tour. He is joined by a confident, Capoeira-inspired Conor McGregor. After an initial staredown and some harsh words from both headliners, McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather square off face to face again. […]


Episode 1 of Dana White’s latest video blog, the UFC President’s jet lands right next to that of lightweight champion Conor McGregor, and the two titans converse on the tarmac. Next stop is the FOX lot, where Dana does media and shares Conor’s prediction for the fight. In Beverly Hills, Dana runs into Chilli from […]

Mayweather McGregor World Promo Tour Dates

Tour dates are announced for Mayweather vs McGregor’s world promotion tour. The tour will appear in Los Angeles’ Staples Center on July 10; Houston’s Toyota Center on July 11; Toronto’s Air Canada Center on July 12; New York’s Barclays Center on July 13; and London (venue to be announced) on July 14.

Pinterest Wants to Show Advertisers It Can Run With the Big Dogs

At the recent advertising conference in Cannes, France, Pinterest announced its presence with more of a wham! Up and down the festival’s main boulevard, displays showcased new technology that allows users to search the digital scrapbook site using pictures taken on their smartphones. It claimed a beachfront space for the week and called it Pinterest […]

RC StartUP Spends 2 Years Making Film About Kids Off-Road Racing

MTRV8 R/C knew they wanted to get into the radio control business, although how they going to stand out and get ready for launch? Being passionate film makers they decided to take themselves on a journey and make a documentary about kids racing mini off-road race trucks. The vision was simple; make the kids the […]

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