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Saab Goes Green

Saab will be making its first step into the electric vehicle market. It’s developing an EV, the 9-3 ePower, and it will be debuting the car publicly at the Paris Motor Show later this month, according to a press release. Saab says it’s planning a test driving and evaluation program to be enacted in its motherland […]

The Baby Embrace

Good news for premature babies born in developing countries: The Embrace, a $25 infant warmer that acts as an alternative to pricey incubators, just got its first clinical trial test subject in India. The lucky baby was Nisha, a 5-pound girl with a healthy twin brother. Check the Embrace Project

Google Mirrors

Google continues to revolutionize the energy industry with a new type of mirror that would cut the cost of building a solar thermal plant in half. Google claims it could be ready in one to three years if all goes to plan.

Bloom Energy Fuel Cell

The Bloom Energy fuel cell is basically a flat piece of sand made from a process dubbed – Powder to Power. The cell runs on a variety of fuels, including traditional fuel, natural gas, biomass gas, landfill gas, and ethanol, without the need to use chemical plants for processing. A single cell-filled Bloom Box provides […]

Google Taps into Power

Back in December, Google formed an energy subsidiary under the name Google Energy. Google recently put in a request to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to buy and sell electricity on wholesale markets. And now FERC has officially approved(PDF) the request for Google to buy and sell energy at market rates. So what does Google plan […]

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