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Another $500 Million Invested Into Facebook

Facebook enters 2011 with a cash infusion almost sure to boost it alongside America’s elite club of the most valuable companies: the likes of Visa & American Express. Goldman Sachs and Russian partner Digital Sky Technologies invested roughly $500 million in the social-networking site within the past few days, according to reports from The New […]

Facebook Messages puts texts, chats, e-mails in one in-box

Facebook rolled out a revamped messaging platform yesterday that may change how millions of people use e-mail, plus intensify the company’s efforts to pry Web users and advertising dollars from rivals led by Google. The new service is part of “a titanic war,” says Matt Cain, an analyst at research firm Gartner. Facebook began to […]

Facebook The Phone?

Would you buy a Facebook phone? We hear that the social networking giant is developing a cellphone, with help from certain partners. Facebook has flat-out denied the rumor, which cites unnamed sources. Spokesman Jaime Schopflin tells CNET that “Facebook is not developing a phone.” But then CNET, turning to unnamed sources of its own, confirmed […]

Music for Facebook?

Rasmus Andersson, the chief designer behind Spotify, Europe’s extremely popular cloud-based music service, is exiting the company to join Facebook. Is the social network planning to create a similar music service? We feel this would be a great idea, as Myspace is pretty much over and and there needs to be something other than iTunes out […]

iPad Meet Flipboard

Take all your social media streams like Facebook and Twitter, flow them into a daring, dynamic iPad magazine and you have Flipboard. Billed as “everything you care about in one place” [iTunes – Free]

Gaga Hits 10 Million Facebook Fans

Glam pop singer Lady Gaga is the first living person to have 10 million fans on a single social networking site, having already overtaken President Obama on Facebook.

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