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YouTube Flash and HTML5 Video

YouTube today started testing a new form of embedding code that would support both Flash and HTML5. Using iframes, the technique will either revert to the familiar Flash plugin or switch to HTML5 depending on the browser and device. It will only force Flash when the video requires features HTML5 can’t yet handle, such as […]

New Online Video Delivery Platform

Web video engine Brightcove has just completed a new $12 million round of funding from investors who see Web clips as tomorrow’s money-maker. One question remains: Can Web videos turn a profit? The new $12 million means that since 2004 Brightcove has raised $99 million in funding. What has Brightcove done with all its dollars? Amassed […]

HTML 5 News

This is a powerful move for Steve Jobs in his battle over Flash on the iPhone and iPad: Brightcove, the online video provider, just announced it’s tweaked its system to allow HTML5 video to replace Flash. Brightcove’s Experience for HTML5 is the specific bit of code we’re talking about, and Brightcove’s just made it available to […]


Whatever you may think about the Apple-Adobe battle over Flash on the iPad, it is very clear to see that Apple’s not going to move on this matter. So now is working on Web videos in iPad-friendly HTML5 format.

iPad No to Flash

Apple has reminded us a few times recently that it does not like flash. It is one of the few programs that can actually make a mac freeze. So, the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch will NOT get Flash. With Google already working hard on replacing Flash in YouTube with HTML5 video, it’s really heading towards […]

HUGE NEWS: Bye Bye to Flash?

According to Adobe 7 million iPhone + iPod touch users attempted to download Flash in December, including myself. Steve Jobs had a town hall meeting and answered questions from Apple employees brave enough to ask tough questions. Concerning Flash there was nothing new. Jobs doubled down by basically saying HTML5 will kill Flash:About Adobe: They are […]

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