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NASA Partner With Virgin Galactic

Very interesting news today. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic will use its SpaceShipTwo-class reusable spaceplanes for a little more than just joyrides into zero-g, as NASA’s new contract with the independent space company is a milestone for the entire space business. Just shows that Richard Branson’s wackiest venture pay actually pay-off. Virgin notes, “this arrangement marks the first time […]

New York to Sydney in 150 Minutes

Back in August NASA planned to solicit proposals for future air and space research. Now it’s amended plans for that program, called Aeronuatics 2010, with scope for further proposals on hypersonic travel. Remember the late, lamented Concorde? Well that flew at Mach 2, twice the speed of sound and was fast enough for it to […]

Not So Plane Jane

The next major replacements for the Boeing 737 and 777 models may not actually come from Boeing at all. MIT researchers recently presented NASA with two models for efficient, low emissions planes. This is part of a $2.1 million research contract awarded to the university by NASA in 2008. MIT’s objective: design quiet subsonic planes […]

Future Hope for Nasa

We’ve heard rumors @ Chill Report about NASA’s, but tomorrow is another day, where we should hear some hard facts. It was a pretty grim future, with The Space Shuttle grounded, the Constellation moonshot program canceled, big delays in private space ventures, and huge job losses in NASA and its supporting industries. Well there’s word […]

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