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Apple Is About to Change Everything We Know About TV

When Apple tvOS becomes available in late October, the most influential man of our time will revolutionize entertainment more than four years after his passing. Watching the presentation of the new Apple TV immediately took me back to a 2010 speech by Steve Jobs. He called Apple TV a “hobby,” and told us the number […]

The First Trailer For Alex Gibney’s Steve Jobs Documentary

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine from Alex Gibney, looks pretty good. The Academy Award-winning documentary maker has a sterling track record – he made both the Wikileaks documentary ‘We Steal Secrets’ and ‘Going Clear’, the startling Scientology take down.

Thanks Steve Jobs

This movie was made in 2007, although it was never published. The passing of Steve Jobs reminded the videographer of his times buying the very first iPhone in New York. In 2000 he was living in a trailer park when Apple released the iMac DV, the first consumer machine that could edit video. So he […]

Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs | The Lost Tapes

“The Lost Steve Jobs Tapes” by Brent Schlender, recently dug up a number of recorded interviews he had conducted with Jobs over the years. It’s a fascinating collection that shows that in failure greatness can spring. As Schlender put it, “Steve Jobs did not wander aimlessly into the wilderness after being ousted from Apple in […]

Steve Jobs | Full Interview at 2010 D8

A candid interview with Steve Jobs where he gives his opinions on Google, Microsoft, Gizmodo, and Flash.

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