107th Tour de France – Pinot the unlucky bird: fears, tears and injuries

107th Tour de France

Lavaur (dpa) – No, it was not the fragments from last year’s Tour de France.

Rather, when the teammates escorted French favorite Thibaut Pinot up the mountain, patted him on the shoulder and offered comfort, it was rather the continuation of the almost tragic tale of an eternally unfortunate fellow. A “curse”, as the tour organ “L’Equipe” wrote.

“My back hurts so much that I hardly have the strength to pedal,” said Pinot after losing the favorites in the first stage in the Pyrenees for almost 20 minutes. He had planned so much. This time it should work with the first French tour victory since 1985. Pinot was in top form and one of the few drivers who got through preparation without any problems. Then the Nice accident. Pinot fell and another driver hit his back. It has been torture ever since.

Memories of the previous year were brought back when Pinot in a promising position had to give up in tears on the third of the last leg due to a muscle injury. Angina stopped him in 2013 and bronchitis in 2016. The third tour of 2014, which was never in the yellow, had to give up four times. And then there were his fears on the descents, which he successfully fought.

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