$ 12 million in severance pay and police reform

The legal dispute over the fatal shots at the African-American Breonna Taylor is settled with a large sum of money. In addition, the city of Louisville, Kentucky, is pledging reforms to the police.

Six months after police murdered African-American Breonna Taylor in a police operation, the City of Louisville settled a civil lawsuit involving high severance pay and a promise of police reform. Taylor’s family will receive $ 12 million, the equivalent of about $ 10 million, Mayor Greg Fischer told reporters on Tuesday.

Criminal proceedings to decide a possible charge against the police officers responsible for Taylor’s death are still ongoing, Fischer said. “The truth must be revealed,” he demanded. This is “just the beginning of getting justice for Breonna,” her mother Tamika Palmer stressed.

Due to a search warrant on March 13, police apparently broke into the door of the 26-year-old paramedic’s apartment without warning. Then there was a shootout between Taylor’s partner and the police. According to media reports, Taylor was hit by eight bullets.

American city announces reforms

As part of the deal with Taylor’s family, the Kentucky mayor announced mandatory police reforms. In the future, any use of force by police officers will be closely monitored and, if necessary, investigated by a newly established supervisory authority. In addition, with the help of a new program, police officers should be able to be accompanied during operations by social workers. Fischer also pledged stricter search warrants and more transparency in police operations. Good police officers appreciate more openness, Fischer explains.

A family law attorney, Lonita Baker, said it was always about more than just compensation. The police reforms are a starting point to combat structural racism in the city. Another attorney, Ben Crump, said the family allowance was the highest payment ever in the United States for a police-induced black death.

Crump said the responsible officers should be arrested and charged “immediately”. The attorney also represents the family of African-American George Floyd, who was murdered by police officers in the state of Minnesota in late May. The brutal and videotaped murder of Floyd sparked nationwide protests against racism and police brutality. Only the outrage after Floyd’s death made Taylor’s case nationally known. Since then, many politicians and celebrities, including pop superstar BeyoncĂ© and broadcaster Oprah Winfrey, have sued in Breonna Taylor’s case.

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