Delhi and its allies have more than 120 warships deployed in the Indo-Pacific region. This information was given by Chief of Defense Staff General of India Bipin Rawat during a discussion at the Global Dialog Security Forum on Friday. According to Indian media reports, China has been trying to increase its influence in a wide area of ​​Asia for a long time. India and its allies are now making several preparations to deal with them, even though they did not see that issue as before.

India’s Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) sharply criticized China for participating in the discussion titled “Indo-Pacific inclusion for global domination”. “China’s economy and military power have grown tremendously over the years,” he said. Others are also preparing to see China’s efforts to increase their power to serve their interests. Therefore, many countries including India have deployed more than 120 warships in the Indian Ocean to help in various projects. As a result, an atmosphere of peace prevails in the region.

अधिकांश Most of the countries in this region want to improve communication in the economic interest. Various infrastructures are also being built. Taking advantage of geographical location, almost all countries want to influence each other in the interest of their own development. And so competition for influence has begun in the India-specific sector. Realizing this situation, various countries have deployed more than 120 warships in the Indian Ocean, to help them in various projects.

It is pertinent to note that China’s conflict with India has increased since the conflict in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. This is why international relations experts are not directly looking at the deployment of warships in the Indian Ocean. I think this incident is a preparation for war.

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