Finland has always been considered a model for gender equality. The country’s Prime Minister Sana Marin has taken a step forward for the fight for equality. According to the BBC, he has allowed a 16-year-old girl named Ava Marto to serve as prime minister for a day.

This symbolic change of power occurred in Finland ahead of the United Nations International Children’s Day. The United Nations celebrates this day worldwide on 11 October every year to highlight the rights of girls. However, as Finland’s “one-day Prime Minister”, Ava will not be able to enact any new legislation. But as always, as Prime Minister, he met with Finnish politicians. She specifically discussed women’s rights in the field of technology.

Finland has been running an international program called ‘Girls Takeover’ for the last four years. In this program, teenagers and young women around the world serve one day as heads of politics, business and other fields in various countries. This year, emphasis is being placed on increasing digital skills and technology opportunities for girls. Girls from Kenya, Peru, Sudan and Vietnam were selected in the program.

Speaking at a meeting on Wednesday, the acting Prime Minister of Finland, Ava Marto, said: “I am happy today to be able to talk about this work.” Because, the reality is that we have yet to achieve gender equality. Has not done This has not happened anywhere in the world. We have made a lot of progress, but there is still a lot of work to be done. “

This teenager has been involved in environmental and human rights movements from an early age.

On that special day on Wednesday, Ava Marto’s final task will be to share her experiences with Prime Minister Marin and brief the Prime Minister on gender equality in technology.

In a speech before the temporary transfer of PM’s job, Sanna Marin emphasized the importance of equal rights for all in the technology sector. He commented in the speech, “There should be no division between countries and countries.”

Finland was ranked third in the list compiled by the World Economic Forum on gender equality worldwide last year. Ms Marin also won the election last year in Finland, the youngest Prime Minister in the world. He was 34 at the time. She has four allies in the coalition government led by her – three of which are led by women.

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