18 injured police officers during demonstrations

18 injured police officers – that’s the result of a Saturday with several demos in Berlin. Corona deniers refused to go. Left-wing extremists rebelled in Neukölln.

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Eighteen protesters were injured on Saturday in demonstrations in Berlin, three of which require hospital treatment. That said the Berlin police on Twitter. At the request of Chillreport, the police could not say on which of the various demonstrations exactly the officers were injured.

In total, about 1,100 police officers were deployed to Berlin on Saturday. They had to accompany several demonstrations at the same time. The largest was the Demonstration of the “end of the pandemic” against Corona requirements with about 20,000 participants. Over there Some protesters are opposed to the dissolution the rally and had to be carried away.

There were riots at a demonstration in Berlin’s Neukölln district, which protested, among other things, against the motto “Get out of the defense – defend the neighborhood culture from below” against the closure of the syndicate café. The organizer had to end the demo early after left-wing extremists threw stones and firefighters at the police.

According to “Berliner Morgenpost”, the demo has grown to 2,000 people, of which 400 are registered. Garbage cans were torched, streets blocked with signs and motorcycles. The police were in the helicopter. There have also been arrests, according to the newspaper.

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