Rome (AP) – On the day of the memorial service for former football world champion Paolo Rossi, a burglary in his house should have taken place, according to Italian media.

As reported by the Ansa news agency, among others, thieves are said to have penetrated the family’s house in Bucine near Arezzo in Tuscany. The exams took place in the evening. Rossi died on Thursday night at the age of 64. The funeral service for the football idol was on Saturday with a television broadcast in the cathedral in the northern Italian city of Vicenza.

Ansa wrote that the crime was discovered by a member of the family. Rossi’s wife found that the rooms had been searched upon arrival. According to reports, jewelry, including a watch, is missing. The detectives were still on the scene, it said in the evening. The city of the funeral is located more than 200 kilometers from Arezzo. Former World Champion Paolo Rossi and his team defeated Germany in the 1982 World Cup. Footballers, friends and family members said goodbye to him at the celebration in Vicenza.

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