Small town voters in New Hampshire celebrate Election Day in the US. The results don’t say much about who will become US president. All information in the news blog.

Today a new president is being elected in the US. Donald Trump is hoping for a new term with the Republicans. For the Democrats, ex-vice president Joe Biden is in the race. A few days before the elections, the country is deeply divided, with unrest and violent riots time and again.

US election day begins with a vote at midnight

With votes in small towns in the state of New Hampshire, election day in the US started at midnight (6 a.m. in Germany). The first result came from the village of Dixville Notch, which has always voted at the beginning of the “witch hour” since 1960. There are less than a dozen registered voters here, so they were counted as soon as they cast their vote. Trump challenger Joe Biden received – all – five votes. In the small town of Millsfield, people also traditionally vote at midnight. In Hart’s Location, the midnight vote for this presidential election is canceled due to the corona pandemic. Here, as elsewhere, the polling stations do not open until a few hours later.

The fact that you can vote so early is thanks to a law in New Hampshire. This allows communities with fewer than 100 residents to open their polling stations at midnight, both for the primaries and presidential elections. This is to give railway workers the opportunity to vote, lie on their ears and then get to work on time. The results of the small towns did not always reflect who eventually became president.

Poll – Biden is at the forefront of the great state of Florida

Shortly before the US election, Democratic challenger Joe Biden leads a poll in the important state of Florida. According to a Reuters / Ipsos poll published Monday, Biden is 50 percent and incumbent Republican Donald Trump is 46 percent. A week ago, the two candidates were effectively equal. According to experts, Florida is one of the states where the choice could be made. Nationally, according to Reuters / Ipsos, Biden is 52 percent ahead of Trump at 44 percent.

Fake video should cast Joe Biden in a bad light

An edited fake video of Joe Biden was supposed to give the impression that the Democratic presidential candidate had forgotten which US state he was in. The video was viewed over a million times on Twitter over the weekend.

In the video, Biden approaches a crowd and says, “Hello, Minnesota!” The event actually took place in St. Paul, Minnesota. In the unedited original video, signs in front of and behind Biden onstage said “Text MN to 30330” – making it clear that the event was taking place in Minnesota, MN. However, in the fake video, the signs on the stage were edited to read “Tampa, Florida” and “Text FL to 30330”.

The video was classified by Twitter as “manipulated media” on Sunday night. The user then deleted the video. President Donald Trump’s team and his supporters had repeatedly posted misleading videos claiming that Biden was mentally unfit for office.

Trump is apparently considering Fauci’s resignation

US President Donald Trump is toying with the idea of ​​firing American disease expert Anthony Fauci. Fauci has repeatedly criticized Trump for his handling of the corona pandemic, most recently on Friday. At a campaign rally at an airport in Florida on Monday, Trump defended his coronavirus policy when the crowd began chanting “Fauci Fire.” To which Trump replied, “Don’t tell anyone, but let me wait until shortly after the election.” The US presidential election will take place on Tuesday. Republican Trump is behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden in polls.

Disease expert Fauci has contradicted Trump several times in the coronavirus pandemic, notably criticizing Trump’s statement that the US had the worst behind it. The country is still suffering a lot, he said in the Washington Post on Friday. All signs pointed in the wrong direction. “You can’t be in a much worse position.” The United States is hit hardest by the pandemic worldwide, in terms of both infection and mortality. Fauci has served as a director of the National Institutes of Health since 1984, serving as an advisor to all US presidents since the Ronald Reagan administration.

Report: Election party scheduled for 400 people in the White House

According to a report in the New York Times, employees of US President Donald Trump want to invite about 400 people to a party at the White House for election night. The meeting was originally scheduled at Trump’s hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue. Due to the coronavirus restrictions in the capital, which imposed a 50-person limit for events in rooms, the event would now take place in the east wing of the White House. The newspaper cited anonymous sources on Sunday.

On September 26, there was already a major event on the grounds of the White House. In the days that followed, countless people, including Trump and his wife Melania, tested positive for the coronavirus. The nomination event for Amy Coney Barrett, an attorney sworn in as a Supreme Court judge, had taken place in the open air. The planned election party should now have a greater risk of contagion because it takes place indoors.

Trump supporters are harassing Biden’s campaign bus

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign bus ran into a dangerous incident on a highway with Trump fans. Read more here.

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