The boat left for Europe again in the Mediterranean with immigrants from Libya. According to the US news agency AP, 22 people from different countries have been saved alive after the accident. The bodies of 3 people have been recovered. Another 13 people are missing. They feel that they are not alive.

The boat started its journey from Ziltane, a region east of Tripoli, on Wednesday evening. The country’s Coast Guard said the rescue operation was on.

According to the AP, Libyan fishermen spotted the ferry on Thursday. The 22 people rescued are citizens of Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, Somalia and Ghana. Among the three bodies recovered was a Syrian male and a Syrian female. The other could not be identified.

According to the Washington Post, three bodies were found floating in the water. A man and a woman live in Syria.

After the fall of Gaddafi, the former Libyan ruler, many immigrants started moving to Europe through this country. Traffickers often swim people into the sea in risky boats. According to the United Nations, around 20,000 people have died in the region since 2014. “Libyan naval officer Masood Abdal Samad said,” Many boats are leaving Libya these days. “Autumn is a very difficult season. When the wind starts moving, the river creates a deadly situation.

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