At least 25 security personnel have been killed in a covert attack by Taliban fighters in northeastern Afghanistan. French news agency AFP quoted officials as saying. However, the Taliban has not yet commented on the attack.

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The Taliban carried out the attack on Wednesday, targeting Afghan security forces in Takhar province.

A spokesman for the state governor, Javad Hejari, claimed that several Taliban fighters were also killed in the counter-attack. “That fight is still going on,” he told AFP. Many Taliban people have also been killed. “

Takhar Province Health Director Abdul Qayyum confirmed the incident. According to him, 34 security personnel, including the deputy chief of provincial police, were killed in the attack.

Abdul Qayyum said that the security personnel were going to do the operation when they were attacked by the Taliban on the way. “The Taliban have taken up residence in nearby houses in the area. They carried out covert attacks on our army, which were campaigning against the enemy. ‘ he said.

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