296 Rohingya swim in the sea for six months in Indonesia

After swimming in the deep sea for six long months, 298 Rohingya are finally able to enter Indonesia. They were able to land in Ache province on Monday morning with the help of local fishermen. Local police chief Iptu Irvansa confirmed the case to Reuters.

Police said local fishermen first identified a wooden boat carrying Rohingyas in the coastal area at midnight. He was later rescued by the police. Among the rescued are 181 women and 14 children. In addition, a 13-year-old man fell ill and was taken to the hospital.

Local Red Crescent officials said all of the rescued were taken to temporary shelters. However, his health is of prime concern, especially in the current corona condition.

Police claim that six months ago, members of the ethnic group, who were victims of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, traveled to Malaysia from ‘Bangladesh’.

A few kilometers off the coast, a local fisherman first spotted the Rohingyas. He was later taken to Ungong Blang beach.

Earlier, when the boat reached the Indonesian coast in June 2020, local fishermen harbored hundreds of Rohingya, including 69 women and children. The authorities wanted to send the rescued Rohingyas back to the sea. However, it was not possible to face opposition from local fishermen.

Fisherman Saiful Amri said, “If the government cannot, we will help the fishing community.” Because we are humans, they (Rohingya refugees) are humans and we have hearts. ‘

Rohingya people take refuge in neighboring countries at the risk of their lives to save their lives and dignity from the horrors of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Many Rohingyas in Bangladesh’s refugee camps are also keen to travel to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia by boat in hopes of a better life. But due to Corona, these countries have not allowed Rohingya boats to come ashore recently. As a result, many of these idolized people swam into the sea for a long time and embraced death.

Malaysian Prime Minister Muhiuddin Yasin has said that it is not possible for his country to give shelter to the Rohingya. He attributed the weakening of the country’s economy to Corona. But the stern stance of the government ultimately overshadows the sheer humanity of local fishermen. Source: Reuters, D.W.

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