Armed gunmen have attacked six different locations in the Austrian capital, Vienna. At least three people were killed in the attack, which took place on Monday evening at local time. Another 15 people were injured. Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehm said at a news conference on Tuesday morning that the death toll had increased.

Police have shot a suspected assailant. One has been arrested. Home Secretary Karl Nehm said police were still searching for another attacker.

The country’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called the incident a “heinous terrorist attack”.

The bombing occurred shortly after noon in front of a Jewish synagogue in Vienna.

City Mayor Mikhail Ludwig said that one of the dead died on the spot. One of the injured women died after being taken to hospital. The injured have a police officer. In addition, the condition of six other people in the incident was stated to be critical, who was rushed to the hospital.

The attack occurred hours before the new ban came into force to prevent the spread of coronaviruses.

Many had bars and restaurants that would now be closed until the end of November.

European leaders, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have strongly condemned the attack.

What will be known about the attack?

Police say the incident began near a Jewish synagogue known as the main synagogue in the city. Leader of the Jewish community, Oscar Dutch, said the synagogue was closed when the attack began at 8 pm local time. However, a newspaper named Cronan Yitung reported that an officer in charge of the synagogue was shot.

Initially it is not yet clear how many attackers took part in the attack.

The video posted on social media showed gunmen and people running on the streets.

Chris Zhao was at a nearby restaurant when the shooting began. “We were hearing something sound like fireworks,” he told the BBC. After listening to 20-30, I thought of firing a gun. Then we saw an ambulance. I saw someone lying on the road. ‘

Following this incident, the police have launched a major anti-terrorism operation. Locals have been advised to avoid the area and not to use public transport.

Police in the neighboring Czech Republic say Austria has begun a search for the border to prevent attackers from crossing the border. Source: BBC

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