A member of Russia’s army has escaped after killing an officer at the army base with an ax and two others. Investigators say the incident occurred at a base near the southern city of Voronezh. The country’s army has launched a search for fugitive member Anton Makarov. This information has been known from the British media BBC report.

On Monday, Private Anton Makarov snatched his pistol after killing an officer with an ax. Investigators believe that two other members of the military were shot and killed. A fourth member of the army was shot and injured during the incident.

The Russian Military Investigation Committee (SK) said searches were going on at the Baltimore airport in search of the fugitive.

Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported that hundreds of members of the special forces, Oman and Sobo, were searching for the fugitive.

However, it is not yet clear why an army member carried out the attack.

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