31 Injured in serious accident – micro sleep?

Accident on Autobahn 24 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A long-haul bus went off the road and was dumped in a ditch. Many passengers were injured.

According to the police, 31 people were injured in a long-distance bus accident on Autobahn 24 near Wöbbelin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on Saturday morning. The Flixbus company initially confirmed three injuries to the German news agency. All occupants of the bus, 30 passengers and 2 drivers, according to Flixbus, came to the hospitals as a precaution. “We can confirm that driving and rest times have been observed,” said a Flixbus spokesperson. The bus was on its way between Prague and Hamburg.

The cause of the accident north of Ludwigslust is still being determined, it could be the driver’s micro-sleep, a police spokesman in Rostock of the DPA said. “The investigation is ongoing.” According to the spokesman, the weather conditions at the time of the accident were normal. Three people were seriously injured, but their lives were not in danger. A rescue helicopter landed at the scene of the accident, but was not used.

Not the first accident recently

The bus left the road towards Hamburg between the Wöbbelin and Hagenow junctions and drove into a ditch, the police spokesman said. There were no more details about the injured. The accident happened at 5:45 am. The police spokesman said there were passengers of different nationalities in the vehicle. There were no children.

Accidents with larger buses are more likely to cause commotion, but are relatively rare. In May 2019, a long-distance bus near Leipzig had an accident. One woman died and nine people, including the bus driver, were seriously injured. Investigations showed that the driver lost control of his vehicle due to a “medical problem”. In June 2019, seven people were injured when a Flixbus hit a truck on Autobahn 5 near Karlsruhe, which suddenly changed lanes.

Almost a year earlier, 22 people were injured near Rostock. Her bus went off the road and crashed into a ditch. Despite such accidents, long-distance buses are among the safest modes of transport. “The risk of an accident with a coach is significantly lower than when you travel with your own car,” says the ADAC. According to the Federal Statistical Office, buses are only involved in just under one percent of all road accidents involving personal injury.

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