The most powerful typhoon in decades killed 31 people in Vietnam. At least 19 of them died in a landslide in Kung Nam Province. Another 47 people are missing. Meanwhile, 26 fishermen went missing after a trawler drowned while trying to return to the coast by sea on Tuesday after forecasting the storm. The bodies of 12 people were recovered on Thursday after a navy ship was sent to search for them. The rest are still missing.

According to a report by the British news agency Reuters, operations began on Thursday (October 29) in a remote area in the hope of saving the missing person. Hundreds of soldiers are carrying out rescue operations with heavy equipment.

Vietnam has been plagued by storms, heavy rains and floods since early October. More than 1 million people have been affected. Meanwhile, Typhoon Molav was killed on Wednesday (28 October). The Vietnamese government says 56,000 homes have been damaged and millions are without electricity.

Rescue efforts were hampered by the onset of bad weather thunderstorms. Hundreds of soldiers and heavy equipment were deployed on the spot in search of the survivors on Thursday.

“We can estimate the direction of the storm and the amount of rain, but we cannot estimate when there will be a landslide,” Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister Ching Ding-jung said in a statement. The road is covered with a deep layer of mud and heavy rain still continues in the area. Even after this, the rescue operation should continue. ‘

Molav had hit the Philippines before Vietnam. 17 people died there. Meanwhile, Molav has weakened and turned into a tropical depression. The storm is expected to reach Laos by Thursday afternoon.

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