A 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Izmir, Turkey has killed at least 24 people and injured more than 800. Officials of the Turkish Disaster Management Agency gave this information on Saturday morning. He said that there were at least 369 aftershocks after the earthquake. At least 33 of these levels were higher than 4. Rescue operations are still on in 9 buildings. Turkey’s state news agency Anadolu Agency reported.

At least 743 people were injured in Izmir. Five were injured in neighboring Manisa, two in Balikasi and 54 in Edin.

Health Minister Fahretin Koza said 435 people were receiving treatment. Of these, 25 are in intensive care and 9 are undergoing surgery.

He said that 364 people were evacuated from the hospital.

Officials said search and rescue operations were completed in eight buildings in Izmir. However, 9 more buildings continue.

The governor of Izmir said that the earthquake caused a partial tsunami in the coastal district of Safari district. As a result, 465 vehicles and about 4,000 rescue personnel were displaced. The Coast Guard is taking part in the rescue operation.

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