37! Club consciously lost due to fear of corona

The SG Ripdorf / Molzen II takes special “precautions” in the Corona crisis and loses with an incredible result: The reason: opponents SV Holdenstedt II.

Fearing a corona infection, the soccer players of the SG Ripdorf / Molzen II deliberately lost a match in the 3rd district league in Uelzen, Lower Saxony – and how. At the end of the day, it was 0:37 against SV Holdenstedt II after SG deliberately kept their distance during the match.

As Ripdorf’s second chairman Patrick Ristow at NDR 1 Lower Saxony explained, Holdenstedt’s team had previously been in contact with a corona-infected person. The opponents had all tested negative for COVID-19 before the clash, but less than 14 days had passed since then. Therefore, the Ripdorfers preferred to act with caution.

The SG officials reported that the opponent declined the request to move the game for security reasons. The hosts were therefore only grown to avoid being fined for not showing up.

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