38 refugees freed from refrigerated trucks – probably at the last minute

In Austria, 38 migrants were rescued at the last minute. They were in a refrigerated truck that was supposed to take them across the border unnoticed.

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In Austria, at least 38 migrants were rescued from a refrigerated truck after calling aloud to draw attention to themselves. As police reported on Wednesday, the people brought to Austria by smugglers were out Syria, Iraq and Turkey in poor health. The refrigerated truck had no ventilation.

According to the police, those affected indicated that they were afraid of death and lack of oxygen while driving. Many people passed out temporarily as a result, one person collapsed.

Suspected smuggler arrested

They managed to attract attention so hard that the van stopped for a moment. According to the Wiener Zeitung, Bruck a.d. Leitha, a 51-year-old Turkish citizen, has been arrested as a suspected smuggler.

In addition, “Vienna.at” reports that the investigations by the State Crime Police of Lower Austria should have shown that the transport from Romania via Hungary to Austria. While searching the seized articulated vehicle, according to the portal, the officers saw a hatch or hatch in the floor of the vehicle in the back of the refrigerated trailer.

The incident is reminiscent of a very similar situation, with 71 deaths nearby in 2015. According to the police, the truck was near Bruck an der Leitha. The police found out about the truck at the edge of the highway a week ago through reports from some citizens. Witnesses had seen people jump from the back of the transport.

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