56 killed in militia attacks in DR Congo.

At least 57 people have died in attacks in DR Congo in the eastern province of Ituri. Local police on Thursday blamed the militia for the attack. French news agency AFP reported.

The province’s home minister, Adjio Gidi, said many people had fled after the attack in the Irumu region of Ituri. He blamed the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) for the attack.

The minister said that 23 people were killed in the attacks on Tuesday and 35 on Thursday.

The ADF was founded in the 1990s as a Muslim rebel group in Uganda. Thousands of civilians have been killed since DR Congo launched a military operation against the group last November.

Residents of Shabi area said the attack took place in a dense forest. Many are suspected of kidnapping. He said that people have been killed in various ways including knives and guns. The dense forest has caused complications in the search. Now the local police, with the help of Congolese army, are searching for casualties in the forest.

He said 16 people could not be traced. He must have been kidnapped.

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