Police have arrested six people in connection with a knife attack in front of the disputed Paris magazine Shirley Abdo’s old office. In the afternoon attack on Friday, two people were seriously injured.

On January 8, 2015, 12 people, including a cartoonist, were killed in a terrorist attack on Shirley’s office. After the publication of the caricature about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), journalists and cartoonists of that delightful magazine became victims of the aggression of terrorists. In Paris, 14 people are facing trial for supporting and abducting two terrorists. The knife attack happened again on Friday.

Police said the main suspect, a 17-year-old man of Pakistani origin, was detained at the scene and six others were detained.

After the attack on Friday, the 11th Arena in the east of Paris was besieged. The public has been asked to avoid the area. A sharp knife used to cut meat was recovered from the spot.

French authorities have not yet commented on the situation of the two people injured in the attack. However, Prime Minister Jane Castex said at the scene that his life was not in danger. A colleague of his said that the two injured were production employees of a television company.

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