Santos (AP) – The great Pelé wallowed in blissful memories. “Stories like ours, about the love of the same club for so long, are unfortunately becoming rarer in football,” the Brazilian soccer icon wrote to Lionel Messi on Instagram.

The Argentinian had previously set Pelé’s decades-old goal record. Both have now scored 643 goals for just one club: Pelé once for FC Santos, Messi for FC Barcelona.

“I admire you very much, Messi,” wrote Pelé, who is revered in his homeland as “O Rei” (the King), and posed photos of himself and the Argentinian in much the same cheer. “When your heart is overflowing with love, it’s hard to change course. Just like you I know what it’s like to wear the same sweater every day. Just like you I know there is no such thing. Place where you feel at home. “

The now 80-year-old three-time world champion scored his Santos goals between 1957 and 1974 – and will soon be surpassed by Messi. The six-time world footballer scored on Saturday against Valencia in his 748th stoppage-time game for the Catalans in the first half after being previously awarded a penalty. After the theater discussed his change request, the 33-year-old could leave the big Spanish club at the end of the season, especially as success is increasingly lacking. Against Valencia, Barça couldn’t get past a 2-2 draw and currently has no chance to lead the table.

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