A hiker has died while attempting to climb the summit of the Kofel in Oberammergau. The 81-year-old dived 120 meters into the depths of a rock face.

Almost at the top of the Kofel in Oberammergau (Garmisch-Partenkirchen district) an 81-year-old man fell from a rock face and died. Two female hikers discovered his lifeless body, police said.

The senior rode his bike to the start of the Kofelsteig on Tuesday and wanted to climb to the top. When he almost reached the summit, he fell and fell 120 meters into the depths. The alerted rescuers were only able to determine his death and recover the body by rescue helicopter.

Several injured in fall of stone in Austria

Several hikers have since been injured by a fall from the rock in the Austrian Alps. The incident took place in the Bärenschützklamm near Mixnitz in Styria. Apparently several pieces of rock had broken out of the steep walls and hit the hikers.

The relief operation included employees from the Alpine Police, the Mountain Rescue, the Red Cross and the fire brigade. The gorge is very popular with tourists. The limestone walls rise up to 300 meters high in the air. In the past, according to ORF, about 40,000 visitors came a year to master the spectacular, hour-long walk over dozens of bridges and several hundred meters of height.

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