83 year old locked in the bank vault for several hours

Special police forces stormed a bank in Paderborn. The alarm was previously activated. They discovered a pensioner in the locked safe.

An 83-year-old man was locked up for hours in a bank vault in Paderborn, triggering a major police operation. How the man got into the security room is still unclear, a police spokesman said. According to the initial findings, the employees did not notice him and closed the safe and the branch in the evening. However, a security system detected the entrapment and raised the alarm.

The police surrounded the bank. According to a report by the “Neue Westfälische”, the area was cordoned off for several hours. Meanwhile, special forces searched the rooms and eventually found the man. According to the police, he was locked up in the safe for several hours. He was handed over to the ambulance service. According to the circumstances, he is fine. His wife had previously reported him missing.

It is still unclear how the man could enter the room and get locked up there unnoticed. According to the report, a corresponding request from the “Neue Westfälische” to the bank remained unanswered.

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