Nine people have been arrested for strangling a teacher in France. The young terrorist who killed the teacher was shot by the police. Investigators are trying to determine if the attacker was alone or involved several others. So these nine have been arrested for questioning. German media Deutsche Welle reported this.

On Friday, the teacher was attacked with a large knife in the Konfa-Saint-Onorin area. The attacker then tried to escape. The local people informed the police and they reached the spot. The police succeeded in stopping the invading Argani area. At that moment, the police screamed and asked the assailant to surrender, but the attacker threatened the police. At this point, the police opened fire on the attacker and died shortly after.

Witnesses said the attacker carried out the attack, calling it ‘Allahu Akbar’. The victim is a college history teacher. On the first day of this month, he showed students a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed in a class on freedom of expression. French President Emmanuel Macron called the incident “Islamic terrorism”.

Police arrested four of the attacker’s relatives shortly after the incident, including a child. After that, the police took action overnight and arrested five more people. Among them are the parents of two college students at Du Boys de Alain.

French Muslim leaders strongly condemned the incident, saying it violated France’s secular policy and freedom of expression.

Tariq Oberu, an Imam of the Bordeaux Mosque, said, “No decent man can kill an innocent person. This is the work of barbarians.”

“Islamic terrorists and those who follow their ideology are destroying the image of the Muslim community in France,” he said.

Tarek said, “On days when there are no attacks, we thank God.” Such incidents are an attack on society, peace and religion, which unite us.

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