“A chaos” – Sebastian Vettel etches after a foul against Ferrari

In qualifying for Ferrari’s home race, the four-time world champion again has no chance of making it to the top. The Scuderia command post is again wrong – and angered Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel grunted over the radio in frustration, then unbuckled his seat belt in the garage. During his last Grand Prix weekend in Monza as a Scuderia driver, the four-time World Champion got stuck in a traffic jam and experienced the next Formula 1 disaster when he finished fourth from the last in qualifying.

Vettel was fully served on 94th pole ahead of Mercedes dominator Lewis Hamilton. “It was not timed well by us, there were too many cars on the track at once,” said the 33-year-old, criticizing his end after the first knockout round when he was stuck in a traffic jam in what would be his fastest lap. to be. He was eliminated early in qualifying for the fifth time this season.

For the first time since 1984, not a single Ferrari driver was in the top ten

Again, Ferrari’s command post was strategically wrong. “There’s not much you can do while packing. It was a bit predictable that there would be stressful situations at the end,” said Vettel. First he got stuck behind a Williams before the Alfa Romeo drivers caused problems with slipstream poker on the high-speed track. “What a mess, why do the Alfas have to catch up with everyone and cause so much nonsense?”

Vettel’s stable rival Charles Leclerc, who had won sensationally last year, had to be content with 13th place. For the first time since 1984, no Ferrari driver is in the top ten in Monza. “It will be difficult to overtake terrain,” said the frustrated Vettel, who celebrated his first success in top-class motorsport in Lombardy in 2008. By the way, we show you the high-speed line in the video above or here in a virtual scenic flight.

Ferrari boss: total confidence in Binotto

And when can Ferrari prepare for improvement? Ferrari boss Louis Camilleri opened up a broad time horizon in an interview with the “New York Times”. Only with the new regulations in 2022 could the ranking be changed, said the powerful man in red. Vettel, who will have to leave Michael Schumacher’s former racing team at the end of this year, is no longer in Scuderia.

And what about team boss Mattia Binotto, who recently admitted to doubting this exposed position? Camilleri assured him he was confident. “The results aren’t there to prove what I’m saying, but things like that take time.” In a chronically nervous traditional team in a chronically impatient industry, these words are surprising. Camilleri stressed the need to stop the coming and going of personnel.

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