After opening a capsule that had returned to Earth from space last week, Japanese scientists found a black rock and a piece of soil in an asteroid’s crust inside it. The Hayabusa-Two spacecraft sent by the Japanese space agency ISAS collected fragments of an asteroid named Rayyugu and sent to Earth in a capsule.

One of the few remnants that the solar system is made of is the asteroid Rayugu. Not only that – this is the first time that a large amount of rock has been sent to Earth from the depth of space (deep space).

The Hayabusa-II spacecraft first arrived in Rayugu in June 2016. And in February 2019, Hayabusa-2 landed on that one kilometer wide asteroid for the first time. The asteroid is then called “shot” with a metal bullet called a tantalum. The pieces coming into it are collected with a tube.

Pure substance

The Hayabusa-Tour sample-carrying capsule returned to Earth on 5 December. With the help of a parachute, it landed safely in the desert of Umera, Australia. Japanese scientists have so far uncovered only one of the three cells in the capsule. One of the other two chambers has a subsoil.

Scientists wanted to collect from this Ryugu pure substance that has not changed in billions of years due to radiation from space or other reasons. So they had to use explosives to hit the surface of the asteroid by throwing something like a missile made of copper. It made a hole 20 meters wide in Rayugur’s chest. Hayabusa-II then descends into it and collects particles of pure cosmic substance from that hole.

The scientists would later examine this cell of the capsule.

The Japanese space agency also announced that the gas collected from inside the capsule was also found from the asteroid.

Scientists speculate that the gas may have been trapped inside the collected soil and rocks and was released. This means that it is the first sample of gas to be collected from deep space.

Our solar system was made up of that

Asteroids are called bricks and stones of the solar system. In the solar system, rocky planets like Earth are made of the same rock – these asteroids are also made of the same rock. But for some reason they are not connected to any planet orbiting the Sun, but are orbiting in different space.

Of these, Rayugu is a special class of asteroids – the oldest class of cosmic rocks. These are called C-type or ‘carbonaceous asteroids’.

This asteroid is the basic material for the creation of life?

It is believed that in the early days of the solar system, all other elements, including water, were required to make life on Earth – perhaps from these asteroids.

When the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa-to-Ryug arrived in 2016, scientists were surprised to see its dark color. Because of this, when the spacecraft moved closer to the asteroid’s surface, the controllers had to re-measure the height of the laser sensor. Source: BBC

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