India is sending 1 million worth of medical aid to North Korea. According to a Business Standard report citing the country’s foreign ministry, India has extended a helping hand as part of the World Health Organization (WHO) tuberculosis treatment program.

On Friday (July 24), a statement from India’s Foreign Ministry said that India was “deeply concerned” about the medical supply crisis in North Korea. It has been decided to give 1 million worth of tuberculosis treatment to the country as humanitarian aid.

According to Indian diplomatic sources, along with sending a message to China, Delhi is extending a hand of friendship to North Korea.

Since the beginning of Narendra Modi’s rule, India has been trying to maintain good relations with Xi Jinping’s ally Kim Jong Un’s country. In 2016, the country’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs General VK Singh was sent to North Korea. It was the first visit by an Indian minister to North Korea in 20 years.

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