A couple found a small capsule while visiting an area in eastern France. He was surprised to see the aluminum capsule open. An old letter appears inside you that has become dirty. It is later revealed that the letter was sent nearly a century ago by a German soldier tied to a pigeon’s leg. According to the French news agency AFP, during World War I, a member of the infantry division sent a letter to a senior officer in signature language.

Dominic Jarde, curator of the Museum of Gender in the eastern French city of Orbe, said the letter was delivered on 16 July, but the year was not clear. He said it could be 1910 or 1917. The First World War was organized from 1914 to 1918.

“He was shot when the platoon reached the western border of Pathof Parade Ground. He retaliated, but shortly after platoon Pathof retreated,” the letter states. Half the platoon at Fachwal became defunct. The platoon Pathof retreated with heavy casualties.

At the time the letter was written, the injury was part of Germany. The region is currently under French rule.

The couple found an aluminum capsule on a field in Inzirkem one afternoon in September this year. He later took it to Dominic Jared, the curator of the local museum. He called the discovery of the letter a rare discovery. The curator was later able to understand the letter with the help of a German friend. The letter has become a permanent part of the museum’s list of attractions.

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