A bang – and the first thought is: it was an explosion. This happened to many people in Paris. Fortunately, the cause of the loud noise is quickly found.

A loud bang startled people in the Paris area and caused equally great unrest. Shortly afterwards, it turned out that a fighter plane broke the sound barrier on Wednesday afternoon. The bang could be heard and felt clearly in different parts of the capital and in the suburbs. Many initially assumed an explosion. The bang was even noticeable at the fair and at the French Open tennis tournament, which is currently taking place in Paris.

The French Air Force confirmed to the German news agency that a Rafale jet fighter had broken the sound barrier. The aircraft had been in an emergency operation in the airspace of the main region because a civil aircraft had lost radio communication. The jet then broke the sound barrier in the Paris area shortly before noon. According to the Air Force on Twitter, radio contact has finally been restored and the situation has returned to normal.

A fighter plane from the French Air Force: “There is no explosion, it is a fighter plane that has broken the sound barrier,” police wrote on Twitter. (Source: Björn Trotsky / image images)

The bang caused a stir in Paris. A DPA reporter reported a pressure wave in the south of Paris that pushed his front door in for a moment. Police made it clear a few minutes after the sound: “There is no explosion, it is a fighter plane that has broken the sound barrier,” she wrote on Twitter. She called on the people in the city not to block the helplines.

Sound brings back memories of terrorist attacks in November 2015

The bang also briefly interrupted Dominik Koepfer’s match against the Swiss Stan Wawrinka at the French Open. The two players were briefly confused on the field when the noise was heard. The scene brought back memories of the terror at the Stade de France in November 2015. At the time, explosions could be heard during the football friendly match between Germany and France.

The fear of terror is ubiquitous in France. It wasn’t until Friday that an attacker attacked and wounded two people with a cleaver at the former editorial office of the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”. He is being investigated on suspicion of terrorism. The French government repeatedly warns that the terrorist threat in the country is extraordinarily high.

A brief shock was also felt in the stock market. The French top index Cac-40 and the German Dax each fell by almost half a percent. When the cause was found, the indices made up for their losses.

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