In almost no other country the corona virus is raging as violently as in India. In the town of Eluru, hundreds of people with strange symptoms had to be hospitalized – all of them tested negative for Sars-CoV-2.

Due to a previously unknown illness, more than 300 people had to be admitted to India on weekends. One person even died, CNN reports, citing local authorities in the town of Eluru in the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh.

The sick suffered from seizures and dizziness, and some lost consciousness. The deceased patient also suffered sudden cardiac arrest, the affected district health officer Dolla Joshi Roy reports. Of the more than 300 people admitted to hospital, 180 have already been discharged, the remaining patients are stable.

Contaminated water Reason for the disease in India?

The coronavirus is currently rampant in India and the state of Andhra Pradesh is one of the hardest hit with more than 800,000 infections recorded. However, authorities can rule out Sars-CoV-2 as the cause of the symptoms: “All patients were tested for the coronavirus, but all were negative,” said Dolla Joshi Roy. Blood tests also would have shown no evidence of dengue or chikungunya viruses, both of which are transmitted by mosquitoes.

Authorities are now turning to the drinking water to determine the cause, as all patients have been drawn from the same water source. Water samples were taken from nearly 68,000 households and sent to a laboratory for analysis. “The cause of the disease is still unknown, but we are now doing all kinds of tests and even checking the feed and milk,” explains Dolla Joshi Roy.

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