A new fire broke out in Moria

After a major fire in the Greek refugee camp Moria, another fire broke out. The flames were reportedly blazing in an area of ​​the camp that had not yet been destroyed.

In the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, which was largely destroyed by fire, a new fire broke out on Wednesday evening. According to a report by a photographer for the AFP news agency, flames flared up in a part of the camp that was only slightly affected by the previous fire disaster. Chaos broke out again: refugees ran out of camp while their tents were on fire.

In the night of Wednesday, several fires broke out almost simultaneously in the largest refugee camp in Greece. The facility, which housed about 12,700 people at the time, was largely destroyed. At least 3,500 refugees were still homeless on Wednesday evening, according to new information from authorities.

The cause of the fires is still open

Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi said there is a feverish search for housing for the homeless. For the most deprived among them, a ferry should arrive in the evening, where they can stay temporarily. Two ships from the Hellenic Navy were expected to receive refugees on Thursday. In addition, new tents have to be set up.

Mitarachi had previously said of the cause of the fire disaster: “The fires broke out as the asylum seekers protested the quarantine.” However, the minister left open whether it was deliberate arson. A few hours before the fires broke out, the Ministry of Migration in Athens announced that 35 residents of the camp had tested positive for the corona virus.

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