All records of daily Kovid infection in India have been broken. In the last 24 hours, more than 90,000 people in the country have been infected with corona. However, around 74,000 have been recovered. According to the Bulletin of the Union Ministry of Health on Sunday, the total number of corona cases in India is 41 lakh 13,000 611 as of 4 am. 80,626 people have died from Kovid-19 infection. 31 lakh 70 thousand 85 people have been recovered after recovering from corona infection. The number of corona patients in India is now 6 lakh 72 thousand 320.

In the last 24 hours, 90,632 people have been infected with Corona in India. The infection has killed 1,085 people. And 63 thousand 742 people have been recovered. The recovery rate in the country is 7.32 percent. The death rate is 1.62 percent.

Maharashtra tops the cove statistics of India. The number of corona cases here is 8,63,072. So far, 25,984 people in Maharashtra have died of Kovid infection. 8,25,63 people recovered. In Maharashtra, 2,11,325 active cases.

Andhra Pradesh ranks second. So far 4,6,506 people have been affected by Corona. The total number of deaths due to infection is 428. 3,60,173 people recovered. 1,02,06 active cases in Andhra Pradesh.

Tamil Nadu ranks third. The number of corona cases here is 4,51,626. 6 people have died due to infection. A total of 3,92,508 people were cured of Kovid infection. 51,633 active cases in Tamil Nadu.

Karnataka is at the fourth position. The number of corona victims here is 3,69,47. Corona infections have killed 6160 people. 2,84,196 people recovered. 99,120 active cases in Karnataka.

Uttar Pradesh is at the fifth position. 2,53,165 people have been affected by Corona. 372 people have died due to Kovid-19 infection. 1,90,618 people recovered. In Uttar Pradesh, there are 58,595 active cases.

The country’s capital Delhi is at the sixth position. The number of corona cases here is 1,75,220. 4513 people have died. 1,81,75 people recovered from the infection. There are now 16,642 active cases in Delhi.

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