A postal worker in Perry, Pennsylvania, complained in a signed affidavit that he was mailed with an old date on the ballot after the US presidential election. Outgoing President Donald Trump complained to Congress about that affidavit. However, during interrogations by US Department of Posts investigators, a postman named Richard Hopkins admitted that he was lying. Three people familiar with the case told the Washington Post on Tuesday.

Hopkins signed an affidavit in support of his claim, alleging vote fraud. He said that he had heard that such orders were issued by senior officials. The right-wing group Project Veritas makes the Hopkins claim public. President Donald Trump has not yet lost in the election. His campaign camp alleges widespread fraud in the election. In support of his claim, he has given Hopkins’ affidavit to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham in Congress. Graham later wrote letters to the judiciary and FBI about the allegations, demanding an investigation.

The Washington Post reported that Hopkins was first questioned. Hopkins told investigators Sunday that he had fabricated the whole thing and had withdrawn his charges. The House Oversight Committee later tweeted on Tuesday that it did not reveal why Hopkins had made such a complaint.

In a Facebook post, Erie’s postmaster Rob Wiesenbach said Hopkins’ claim was “100 percent inaccurate” and that he had been warned several times recently. The Erie Post Office did not put an old date on any ballot.

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