After being gang-raped by members of the army, the determined woman Thein Woo (pseudonym) pitted against Myanmar’s powerful army. After months of legal battles, he has finally won a rare victory. An army court on Saturday sentenced three rapists to 20 years in prison. Thein Woo, 36, thinks her victory will give her the courage to speak out against other women who have been raped by the military and challenge the debilitatingness of the members of the military. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reports.

The Myanmar military has long been accused of committing organized rape, repression and other forms of violence in the conflict zone. However, the country’s powerful forces have always denied the allegations. The mother of four, a Rakhine woman, also denied the allegations when she first complained of rape.

Rakhine has been fighting for more than two decades against the State Army and the Arakan Army, fighting for greater autonomy for the ethnic Rakhine people. There, The Man was gang-raped last June. “Many other women like me have been treated like this,” she said. If I had not published it, it would have been many more. ‘

Myanmar’s military claimed that the woman had alleged that Din Wu had made the allegations. He has also accepted socially different constraints. Her husband has not spoken to her yet.

In Woo still cannot believe that a military tribunal can rule in his favor. “I am experiencing both joy and sorrow,” he said. I cannot believe that this decision will stop the rape and harassment of women in conflict areas as they (the army) have become mistrustful of people due to their double standards. “

In a rare confession on Saturday, the Myanmar army said that three of Theur Ur’s rapists had gone to jail. The military also claimed that the verdict was based on its “transparent” investigation.

However, observers warn that Thein Sein’s victory against Myanmar’s armed forces has not yet led to much change. In the past, the military has denied rape charges and in some cases filed defamation cases against rape accused.

Thin Woo was raped one night about six months ago. The words of that night still haunt him in memory. As the evening progressed, the sound of gunfire started spreading in his village. The Thein Woo along with his daughters and grandchildren took refuge in his mother-in-law’s house along with other women and children. At midnight, at the sound of the children’s crying, four members of the army barged into their hiding place.

The Thein Woo said, “I realized that there was no way to avoid three people stronger than me.” After the incident, he fled the village with his children and moved to the capital city. There he decided to fight for justice. The Thein Woo believes that although the three rapists were punished, the fourth person was a senior officer. He believed that the officer could save him if he wanted. He thinks that he should be punished for not doing so.

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