A year after his resignation, Saad Hariri has been re-elected Lebanese Prime Minister. The country’s president announced the nomination on Thursday. This will be Hariri’s fourth term as Prime Minister. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported.

Lebanon is in the biggest political crisis since the 1975–1990 civil war. Hariri has been named as Prime Minister to address the crisis. Hariri resigned on 29 October due to public outrage.

After being nominated as Prime Minister, Hariri promised to form the government soon. That government will reform the country and prevent the collapse of the economy.

Hariri becoming Prime Minister could be a defeat for the protesters. The protesters, demanding change, considered Hariri a symbol of the political class and blamed him for the crisis.

Hariri was named as Prime Minister on Thursday after weeks of political upheaval to negotiate a new government. Hariri has the support of Future Legislator, Shia Amal Party, and the party of Druze politician Walid Jumbet.

The influential Shia group Hezbollah has said that it will not nominate anyone for the PM’s job. But will aid in this process.

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