About 6,000 arrested in China

China has arrested around 8,000 people since January this year on charges of involvement in various crimes related to the Corona epidemic. The French news agency AFP gave this information on Monday.

He has been charged with numerous charges, including the killing of health workers, the sale of faulty medical supplies, the stumbling of health workers while measuring temperature, embezzling money to help a patient of the virus, and misinformation about his own health and travel. Has been arrested in

The country’s prosecutor general’s office said in a statement that a total of 5,798 people were arrested between January and July. The statement did not say how many people were in jail or if anyone was convicted.

The first coronavirus infection was found in December last year in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. From there, the virus spread worldwide. The corona infection in China is now largely under control due to drastic measures. Recently there have been no reports of local infection in the country.

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