About 9,000 children were deported from the United States

Since the Coronavirus ban was imposed on March 20 of this year, US President Donald Trump’s administration has removed approximately 6,700 lonely migrant children from the Mexican border. The British news agency Reuters reported that the information came from court documents filed with the US Department of Justice on Friday.

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The Trump administration has stopped publishing the number of deported children since June. At the time, he said, about 2,000 children were deported. But immigration lawyers say the number is much higher. However, the scope of deportation was not clear until Friday.

The Trump administration’s new border rules came into force on March 21 of this year, repealing a decade-old practice of protecting children from trafficking and seeking asylum in immigration courts in the United States. The new regulations are designed to protect immigrant holding facilities in the United States and prevent outbreaks of coronaviruses. Since then, US officials have been working to quickly remove others, including unaccounted minors, without a quality immigration process.

Donald Trump is running for the presidency on November 3. Earlier, as President, he wanted to take a strict line on legal and illegal immigration.

Immigration lawyers claim that the new rules put immigrants, especially children, at serious risk. The federal government keeps them in hotels for days or weeks under unlicensed contractors.

The personal information of these children is not recorded in normal computer systems, making them almost impossible to track.

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