Republican lawmakers and leaders in the United States have made several false claims about the election of President Donald Trump. However, many did not mention Trump’s name. US media NBC News reported this.

Soon after Trump accused Pennsylvania of mass vote-rigging in a press conference, Republican Senator Pat Tommy said that once the state’s vote count was finalized and certified, all to win or lose. Parties should accept the election results.

Tumi called for everyone to be patient as the counting of votes continues. Earlier in the day, however, Trump asked Twitter to block the number of votes.

Tommy stated that all votes must be counted according to Pennsylvania law. No matter how long it takes.

The most harsh criticism came from Will Hard, a retired Republican leader in Texas. “The presidency is insulting our political system and questioning the voting rights of countless Americans,” he said. Such an allegation without any evidence is not only dangerous and wrong, it is an insult to the foundation on which our country is built. The votes of all US citizens must be counted.

“We want all votes to be counted, known as a staunch critic of Trump,” House of Representative member Adam Cunningher said. Yes of all valid votes. If you have any concerns about fraud, present the evidence and go to court. Stop exposing fake information. They are going absolutely crazy.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said there could be no excuse for the president’s remarks tonight, insulting our democratic process. America is counting votes and we should keep the result in mind. As we have done in the past. No election or individual is more important than our democracy.

Republican nominee and Senator Mitt Romney also called for patience in the 2012 presidential election. “Counting all votes is the heart of democracy,” he said in a statement on Twitter. This process is often long and frustrating for participants. Votes must be counted. If there are any allegations of irregularities, they will be investigated and dealt with in court. Trust democracy, our Constitution and the American people.

Charlie Dent, a former member of the House of Representatives, described Trump’s comments as “only condemnable”. Another member, Paul Mitchell, drew harsh criticism, but also expressed some sympathy. He says that all valid votes are being counted and should be. If there are any problems, there are ways to identify them. If anyone has evidence of something being illegal, it should be exposed and resolved. Furthermore, anything that damages the integrity of our election is dangerous to our democracy.

“I have experience winning and losing elections,” he said. I personally know that losing is hard work. But our nation wants political leaders to accept victory and defeat with gratitude and maturity. Let voters decide.

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