Accident in Colombia – After a collision with a car: Quintana has two weeks off

Bogotá (dpa) – Colombian tour specialist Nairo Quintana is unable to train for the next two weeks after being hit by a car while training in Colombia.

“Fortunately, he doesn’t have a fracture, but he has polytraumatics in his right knee,” said a Colombian media statement. “The doctor gave him complete rest for two weeks.” According to these records, Quintana had been examined by his personal physician.

The professional cyclist of the French cycling team Arkea-Samsic fell when the car overtook him and cut him, his brother Dayer and the support vehicle, as he said in a video. In the video, Quintana also showed his bloody elbow. He also received a slap on the right knee and a slap on the left thigh. He had an inflammation of the knee.

His preparation for the Tour de France, which has been postponed from August 29 to September 20, should not affect this. Quintana had trained in his home ward in Boyacá, where the accident occurred. The 30-year-old plans to race again at a small event in France in early August after the Corona break.

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